About Us

La casa di Barbara is located in the historic district of Bolognina, in the only stretch of road survived to the radical rationalization made by the Plan of Bologna in the years 1884-1889 with the addition of new blocks arranged in modular grid; La casa di Barbara is located in the beautiful context of old Bologna, full of attractions and restaurants, which once led to the ancient Borgo dell'Arcoveggio. Its windows and the lovely balcony for breakfast, overlook a quiet courtyard, used in the past as carriages depot for travelers that coming from the ancient road of Galliera, were preparing to enter the city or vice versa to get out of it, and today, once more renovated resting place for travelers and wanderers. The proposed model of hospitality, it can be said according to environmental sustainability. In effect, all the furnishings inside the house are characterized by their uniqueness, as the result of a careful research by the two owners, who have the hobby to recycle objects and complements, to bring them in this context to new life and new use.
Every detail and object, make this place full of an extraordinary evocative and narrative power, such as to give to their guests a unique experience every time, never equal to itself.
The presence of a well-stocked library with texts about the city and the proposed alternative routes, also gives to the context a literary atmosphere, full of charm, turning La casa di Barbara, from the point of arrival into a point to begin the discovery of the vibrant cultural life of the city and its surroundings.